Rubber mounted parking sensors

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Rubber mounted parking sensors

Post by FastFitzMatt on Fri Jan 22, 2016 8:25 am

I recently fitted some Parksafe rubber mounted parking sensors part no: PS1940-16 onto a Mitsubishi L200!
The truck had a towbar fitted.
Fitting sensors into a metal bumper can be a problem.
I tried standard sensors but these gave a constant tone.
I used the rubber ones which are £20 dearer and they where a bit sensitive so I tuned them down on the unit and they where perfect.
I extended the bleeper into the cab.
The beeper can be a bit low in volume so I would recommend placing it nearer to ear level.
Its also possible to use most Parksafe sensors even if you have a towbar fitted by lowering the sensitivity on the innermost pair.
We are looking to offer sensors as an additional sales to our developing brand.

Many Thanks

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